How Using RSS Feeds Would Increase Traffic to Your Blog?

When you first start implementing the RSS feed feature on your blog, you may feel that it is not a simple task, maybe even a little complex. Some bloggers find it tricky to figure it out, but rest assured that there are great benefits to be gained when you make it work.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and allows readers of your blog to receive instant notification every time you post new content. Another advantage which most bloggers fail to realize is that it increases the exposure of your blog. So, new readers interested in your topic can find you easily. All readers need to make this whole thing work is a RSS reader.

So, what if you do not have technology-savvy readers reading your blogs? How would you know that your readers will subscribe to your RSS feeds? Are there any consequences when you switch to a new URL or make other changes to your blog? Is there any way to determine who is browsing your blog?

The above questions may come to the mind of bloggers when implementing RSS feeds.

For starters, using Feedburner might be a wiser choice; below are the reasons:

1. Feedburner makes Real Simple Syndication (or RSS) really simple! The set up is easy to understand and the process of doing it is fast and easy.

2. Feedburner makes it more versatile,as well for readers that do not have a feed reader, having an option to subscribe via email.

3. There is a feature in Feedburner known as ‘Headline Animator’ which allows the broadcast of blog-posts from your Facebook page as well as from other websites which you may have. Feedburner makes it incredibly simple to embed your content on other sites of your choice.

4. Feedburner also gives easy access to information about your subscribers and what they are reading. This information can be used for market research. Also, whenever there is an issue, it can be fixed right away.

5. If you were to switch your blog to a new URL or switch to a new blog software, you do not have to fear losing all your readers!

You could simply change the web address of your blog in my Feedburner account and all your readers will be informed of the switch.

So, your time and efforts spent in building your “fans” would never be gone to waste.

As we have discussed, there are many advantages of setting up an RSS feed on your blog. In summary, Feedburner keeps your blog competitive and offers the features you would need to be an efficient and effective blogger.

You may want to as well consider the following recommendations if you’re interested in using programs similar to Feedburner, namely:


2. Feedity

3. FeedBlitz