What Is An RSS Feed And Why Does It Boost My Traffic?

RSS feed is an article marketing tool. Standard, XML-based file structure is the engine behind today’s blogs, news feeds, and pod casts. RSS feed on an article or blog if optimized with a most relevant keyword is link-building measure. They rationalize communication between publishers and readers. Content is delivered over HTTP through a web server of choice.

RSS content doesn’t lend itself to search. All you need to subscribe to the syndicated content is the Web address, or URL, for the site’s RSS feed. You can subscribe in a couple of ways. A typical scenario of web feed use is: a content provider publishes a feed link on their site which end users can register with an aggregator program which has also been referred to as a feed reader or a news reader running on their own machines. Doing this is usually as simple as dragging the link from the web browser to the aggregator. Syndicating your own website content is a great way to provide information to your readers with little or no effort.

Most web browsers include a feed reader. Web sites that are produced in a more custom manner, such as with Macromedia Dream weaver or a simple text editor, usually do not automatically create RSS feeds. Web feeds are designed to be machine-readable rather than human-readable, which tends to be a source of confusion when people first encounter web feeds. A web feed is a document often XML -based, whose discrete content items include web links to the source of the content.

Information distribution has been made simply by these readers. Simply put, with RSS, you can place your headline to other website for more people to see. They contain information for a particular topic from a website. One example would be press releases about new products.

Why would a web site want to offer an RSS feed? Wouldn’t this make less visitors come to their site if they just read the feed instead? Actually, statistics have shown that many More users visit the web site through links in the feed. These feeds provide a convenient method for users to read more web sites in less time. If you already have a web site where you add content regularly, you might like to create your own feeds.