What Are RSS Feeds?

Remember the old days where if you wanted to find out if someone had updated their site you had to go to the site and search for the new content that had been added? Remember how much time that used to take? Well not anymore thanks to RSS feeds. RSS feeds are like mini magazine subscriptions only online instead of offline, you are able to get updates on anybody’s webpage you want whenever they add new content to it. “So what”, you say. These RSS feeds are more powerful then just being able to get fast updates to someone’s website content, they can also help you to build your presence online, but most people do it all wrong. I’m going to show you how to do it right.

How can you use RSS to build your business online?

RSS means really simple syndication, this means anyone can sign up for your material and when this happens it builds your credibility with the search engines. You will usually notice a orange icon at the top of a webpage indicating there is a RSS feed available for the site, if you click on it you will be able to see all of the archived content for the webpage for a given time frame. Most people do not understand the real power here. They will usually put their RSS icon way at the top in some little corner where no one will sign up to it. They may even let it hide at the bottom of their page where it surely will not get seen.

This is the wrong way to do it. Google for the most part loves RSS feeds; even more it likes a website that has a lot of subscriptions to theirs. Google will count these even better then they count bookmarking, because to a degree RSS feeds are like bookmarking a page but there is a little more work involved. Everyone who signs up to your RSS feed will be like a little vote pointing at your website, if you can just get a few hundred of these you should be able to come up search results pretty fast. There is no better way for the search engines to determine importance of a site better then real users saying and proving by their action that your website is indeed relevant.

Use RSS Feeds to get mass exposure:

You don’t want to do this like everyone else and just see a little trickle of subscribers do you? That is all most website owners see. You have to put the icon prominently where people can see it. It should jump out at them when they are own your site. If people subscribe to your RSS feed they will be able to tell there friends and spread your content even more, this will lead to more traffic and business.

Do not underestimate the power of RSS feeds, make sure you are aggressive with your approach and display them where people will want to sign up. Even better make sure you create material that will be worth someone signing up.