Episode 120 – LUNAR-PICK Reviews: Mercy, mercy….it's C…


The High Priests of Khonshu return to discuss Moon Knight’s involvement in Brisson’s Contagion series –


Released October-November 2019

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Damien Couciero, Adam Gorham

Colours by Veronica Gandini

Letters by Corey Petit

Editor, Jake Thomas

Was it any good? Is Moon Knight used well? Why is he so quippy?

Also, in a forst for our show, we cover a review of a very special kind.

We look at a comic created by one of our very own Loonies, Corey Hardiman!


Released November 2019

Written by Corey Hardiman

Art by Ricardo Silva

Colours by Lancelot Corre Catan

All this PLUS, some big news for any Moon Knight fan! Check it all out here on our latest episode!

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