NewsMaker Pro | NewsMaker Pro by Igor Burban

NewsMaker Pro | NewsMaker Pro by Igor Burban
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NewsMaker Pro – This is a brand new WordPress plugin and a theme by Igor Burban, this plugin will allow you to create a money-making news site contains with viral news and stories that auto-publish and auto-update on your site every day. A lot of great features in this plugin, my favorite feature is built-in spinner text, and you can translate the viral article to more than 150 languages. With this plugin, you can create tier 1 or tier 2 articles for SEO or PBN, because your site will self-updating, perfect for list building, or drive traffic without writing an article by your self. You can also customize the content, insert featured images, custom post and many more.

Below are the features of this plugin:
• Self Updating Site, you can Schedule all the posts. You can also set up to update the content every 5 minutes or every 24 hours, or anything in-between
• Integrated with major autoresponder, help you to build lists
• You can translate the article to more than 150 languages
• Built-in spinner text, and integrated with SpinRewriter, so you can create a unique content with this feature
• Support Custom RSS means that you can feed content from unlimited sources
• You can grab the complete content including the featured image
• You can set parameters to create a custom post
• You can modify the post title and content before publishing
• You can replace any keyword to your affiliate links and build Passive Commissions as affiliate marketer
• You can set pingbacks for every automated post
• Multiple Post Options allow you to convert any article into a post
• Full Article Capture including the images and videos from any sources
• Include Feature Images, this feature allow you to generate featured image

NewsMaker Pro :

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