Top Valentines Day fail, dating tips, bad burritos, and slee…

What could be the #1 Valentines day fail this year? Let’s just say after buying concert tickets to (what they thought were the) Red Hot Chilli Peppers, a couple bought plane tickets, and it was a complete fail – who did they end up seeing?. Also in the world, we find out that the legacy of Steve Jobs could involve Apple employees walking into windows? We think maybe the glass cleaner is a little too good in Apple’s new headquarters.

What happens when people turn to Yahoo! answers for flirting/dating advice on the best way to impress women? Is it more than just having money? And..if it was about money, would you hide it? We think it involes buying ‘stuff’ and macaroni and cheese. And way down the road when it’s beyond beyond dating tips, we discuss how to figure out if how your girlfriend got pregnant when you haven’t had sex (maybe some cheating?) common sense much? We also discuss adding new letters to the – we could really screw with the people at Wheel of Fortune.

Ending the episode, we discuss some embarrassing stories that have happened to us, including when a burrito food cart turns to a fun race/game to the bathroom between a group of friends (we’ll call it a friendly game of musical toilets). Sometimes you win, and well, sometimes you lose. And to close it out, you’ve heard of sleep walking, but have you heard of sleep shopping on Amazon?

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