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Hi, welcome to the fastest way to create curated content for your website or blog.

Today we’re going to show you how you can create curated content for WordPress in minutes!

Here are just some of the types of content pages for your website or blog you can create with in minutes:

– News Feed
– Press Mentions
– Affiliate Product pages
– Events Pages
– Educational content
– Video Pages
– Social Media Walls
– Curated Articles
– Research
– and more!

Let’s dive in and get started!

Once you create an account on, click on ‘Create New Post’. You can choose from a wide array of templates or start from scratch. In this tutorial let’s go ahead and start from scratch.

Step 1: Start by pasting the weblinks you want to share in this text field. You can add any weblink from articles, videos, websites, cloud files, products, social media posts and much more.

elink will automatically turn each weblink into a visual bookmark on the right-hand side. Personalize each tile by updating the title, description or image.

You also have the option of collecting and adding links from your link library, RSS Feed, or elink’s Chrome Extension to build content or update your website content on the go.

Step 2: Add a beautiful header by including a header banner and introductory text. You can also choose whether you want to include your profile.

Step 3: Wow your audience by choosing from over 30+ beautiful responsive layouts to make your email website look amazing. The best part is you can come back anytime to update your layout even after it’s been published!

Step 4: Personalize the look and feel of your content to make it stand out by selecting colors…..fonts…and . button text.

Once you’re done simply hit publish!

Step 5: You’ll see the various ways you can share your elink post.

You’ll see the various ways you can share your elink post. You can share it as an email newsletter through just about any 3rd party email provider like MailChimp, Gmail, Active Campaign, Aweber and more!

You can also share it as a single web page or you can embed your elink post on nearly any website or blog.

In this particular example, we’re going to show you how you can embed your elink post to WordPress’s Classic Editor.

Go ahead and copy the embed code. Open up the WordPress post that you wish you to embed your elink on. Select the ‘text’ tab. Paste the Embed the code in the right location on your page.

Select preview and you’ll see your beautiful elink display inside of your WordPress post.

We have one awesome pro-tip for you. Did you know that once your elink post has been added to your website you can continue updating it from elink’s Chrome Extension? Let’s show you how that works.

You can simply click elink’s Chrome Extension, right-click any page, right-click any image or right-click any link you want to save. Let’s click on elink’s Chrome Extension.

Next, you’ll want to select an image or capture a screenshot that represents your content. You can choose to unselect crop image if you want the image to display in its entirety. This is great for product images.

Now you can see all the details of your visual tile and you can edit the title, description, and image if you would like. Now for the magic, once you’re done click on ‘Add to Post.’ Locate your published elink post and click the plus button next to it. Then hit finish.

Let’s go over to our WordPress page and hit refresh. You’ll see that the new content was added instantly!

elink is one of the best-kept secrets and is an important timesaving tool for running any website or blog.

Here are just some of the growing list of websites elink posts can be embedded on.

– WordPress
– Wix
– Squarespace
– Google Sites
– GoDaddy Website
– Weebly
– Blogger

Adding fresh content to your website or blog is really that easy!

Go to and create beautiful content in minutes!

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