The Snow Plow Show Episode 565 – Improvised Home Security

This show is brought to you by all the supporters of the show, most of all Buster Casey, JT, Rick B, kuraz, and Mac Uler Degenr Tion. In this one I test out a few home security ideas I’ve been kicking around.

About the computer problems I’m complaining about in this show, I think my studio computer issues might originate from using my old computer’s hard drive when I built a new computer. I didn’t reinstall the OS, just stuck it in there and let it detect the new hardware. That’s my theory anyway. It could also be the massive amount of pornography I watch. All I know is that things are running smoothly now, I didn’t lose any data, and I’ve almost got all my old programs reinstalled. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Last week’s computer issues involved the Asterisk system. That’s the thing that I make and receive phone calls from. I was getting a bunch of errors that I couldn’t make go away, so I finally decided to just update the system since my version of Asterisk was a couple years out of date. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this, so I pretty much had to start over on that one too. I still had all my old system recordings, but I mostly re-recorded all the menus since they were kind of old anyway.

I’m still having problems with my incoming Callcentric lines. Most of the time they connect, but sometimes they claim to be disconnected. That’s my next thing to fix. If you want to give those a try and hack some old answering machines, the number is 505-204-7920. It’s been an annoying few weeks because I hate making the computer machines go, but I think things are just about back to normal. Green lights across the board!

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