The Snow Plow Show Episode 567 – Blind Book Burnings

This show exposes Wal-Mart for being blind to the needs of the blindness, and bookstores for being blind to the Word of Jesus Christ himself. The following people fully support my views and beliefs: Fun Society Arcade, Synthead, goby, Edvard G, and High School Graduate.

Show intro song by Brandon

You can sleep soundly again, the serial toilet clogger is behind bars

Read the story of Big Larry

I didn’t burn down a book store I swear

Listen to me do Whats Your Bid calls in the 1980s

Background music during Big Larry’s rant by microKORGI and QuickfireYT, background during the intro blabbering is from the hit TV show Gimmie A Break by my Aunt Neil Carter, background during the voicemails is Strong In The Real Way by Arcade Unicorn, ending song is This Year by The Mountain Goats, which was released in the mid 2000’s so it’s not really applicable anymore.

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