Episode 7: Peter Lucier, writer, veteran (Afghanistan)

Peter Lucier served as a Marine Infantryman from 2008-13 and deployed to Afghanistan from 2011-13. His writing has been published in America, The Revealer, and Task & Purpose, among other venues. Today he talks about why we have war, why he went to war, and the path of reconciliation he found upon coming home.

0:00 Intro and background on the article “Not Your Messiah”
4:12 Do we need vets to validate our feelings about war?
9:10 Why do we have war?
16:27 Polytropos
20:30 Growing up Catholic and exposure to Just War Theory
22:56 Marine brother says, “Don’t do it” (He does it)
25:23 Belief in redemptive violence, religiosity in war
29:44 Coming home
31:53 Do you question whether what you did was wrong?
38:30 Homecoming and reconciliation
44:47 Lament and “thank you for your service”
49:29 Theology of Justification vs. Politics of Penance
57:47 “Pilgrimage” to Montana
1:00:00 Reparation
1:04:48 What would you tell one of your high school students if he said he wanted to go into the military?
1:09:22 Future plans

(Sorry! Pete’s camera looked completely centered when we did the interview on Skype.)

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Pete’s articles mentioned in the podcast:

“Not Your Messiah”

“As a Soldier I was Loved for My Sins, Now I Must Repent for Them”

Other mentions:

Post-Traumatic God, by David Peters

Politics of Penance, by Michael Griffin

The Catholic Peace Fellowship