What is a Podcast RSS Feed and why is it so important to you…

There’s probably nothing as misunderstood in podcasting as the RSS feed. This is THE THING that controls all of the content of your feed, and without it you literally wouldn’t have a podcast.

In this module we talk all about what makes up and RSS feed, what you need for it to be considered valid, and a few things that iTunes specifically looks at when it comes to your podcast RSS feed.

It’s important to remember that your feed has 2 main components: the channel information which is meta information about your podcast as a whole, and episode specific information which is unique to each episode you publish.

Topics Discussed In This Module

– Why you need an RSS feed at all
– What items make up a valid podcast RSS Feed
– What are some common mistakes people make with their feeds
– How to troubleshoot a broken RSS feed.

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