Are RSS Feeds Important?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is actually a method to distribute headlines, notifications and possibly new content to a large list of people using computer programs that organize the material. This makes it easier for the recipient to scan for material of interest and keep up with unpredictable publication schedules of websites of interest.

RSS can very helpful to the website provider by making notification of regular readers an automated process. In the automated process, things like making sure that everyone who wants to get informed about new material posted to the site or blog gets taken care of easily and automatically. Use of RSS feeds by a growing blog can help interested followers track recently posted material and help the reader not to forget to track that favorite website. This is very important to a website trying to build a following regarding a specific topic.

RSS feeds can be set up for access by RSS aggregators. RSS aggregator software is loaded onto the subscriber's computer. It then accesses the RSS feeds of websites that the subscriber is interested in and presents that feed to the subscriber in an easily read format. This avoids logging into every site of interest for the user. It allows the new provider to provide updates on an irregular schedule while building a readership. Types of information being fed to it's readers via RSS feeds include but are not limited to:

Change logs;
Alerts of additions and updates to traditional websites;
Event Lists;
Notification of the arrival of new products in a store;
News headlines from news websites, eg;
and on and on.

It is not surprising that when readers come to your website, they will expect you to support the use of RSS. It is also not surprising that most websites are actually capable of providing RSS feeds if set up properly. Testing the feed and making sure that your readers are able to receive proper notification then is a smart move when turning on the RSS feed capability of a website. Put in a ticket to your local hosting account support if it appears that something about the setup of the feed is not working. They will usually be quite helpful when it comes to setting up RSS for your website. Just remember that once you have everything in place, the next thing is to regularly produce content for your readers. That is, after all, what they signed up for!

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