Amazon employee shares her daily routine

During the spring season, Stanton tends to leave the office early in order to coach a lacrosse team. She previously played the sport in high school and college.

“Coaching has been a really fun way for me to get involved again,” she said.

Lacrosse season can get “intense,” according to Stanton. It also occasionally forces Stanton to adjust her schedule and stay flexible. Some games start as early as 4 p.m.

When she’s not coaching, Stanton said she departs work at different times. She’ll head out at 4 p.m. “if it’s really nice out” some days, while on other occasions she’ll stick around until 7 p.m. “if it’s really busy.”

Once she’s back home, Stanton unwinds by experimenting in the kitchen or spending time outdoors.

“My fiancé and I both like to cook, so we try different recipes,” she said. “We enjoy cooking together. In the summer, I just love being outside. Even if it’s a nearby hike or going to the dog park, just getting outside when we have the Seattle sun is wonderful.”

Stanton said that she then turns in at the “embarrassing” early hour of 9 p.m.

“That allows me to get the proper amount of sleep,” she said. “I prioritize my sleep, for sure.”

Stanton told Business Insider that achieving work-life balance is contingent on flexibility and understanding.

“I think not stressing yourself out about your routine is just as important as creating a routine,” she said.

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