Getting the Most Out of Firefox With Add Ons and Extensions

By itself, Firefox is a great browser, but what really sets it apart from all the rest are the add ons available for Firefox. add ons are basically widgets within Firefox. There are many, many extensions out there that do all sorts of cool things, but I'm going to focus on my favorite and most useful add ons.

Here is the list of add ons I use the most:

  1. ForecastFox – An add on which tells you the weather. Displays information in the bottom status bar.
  2. SearchStatus – Sits in the bottom status bar and reports the currently displayed page's PageRank and Alexa Rank. Very handy for webmasters to get a quick glimpse of where their pages are.
  3. FoxMarks – Every person who has more than one computer should have this add on. FoxMarks syncs your bookmarks across multiple computers to a central server. Comes in handy when you use multiple PCs throughout the day. If you bookmark something on one PC, it will not transfer to your main PC. This is where FoxMarks comes in handy!
  4. FasterFox – This plugin basically "turbo charges" your Firefox browser and can speed things up quite a bit. It does not speed up your internet connection, but it does prefetch links (load links in the background) and allow you to tweak Firefox network settings. With FasterFox, you can grant Firefox more connections to use when connecting to a web server. Do the web admins a favor and do not turn this too high. If you're unsure of what to do, leave it at the default!
  5. Web Developer Toolbar – A toolbar with lots and lots of functionality. Mainly gives information, like CSS info, dimensions, etc about the page being viewed. A must have for any web master because of the simplicity and huge functionality.
  6. DownThemAll – The best download manager in my opinion. This download manager will allow you to download anything at a very high speed. It works by downloading multiple parts of the file simultaneously, then reconstructing the file as a whole once all the parts are finished downloading. DownThemAll also opens up multiple connections per download, similar to the way FasterFox speeds up web browsing.

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