46: Internet business models disrupt China’s coffee market: …

John and Matt discuss the power of examining first principles in an increasingly mobile-centric marketplace in the case of new coffee delivery startup Luckin (瑞亲) Coffee.


Bringing Internet Business Model to the Coffee Industry, Will Luckin Coffee Threaten Starbucks? Starbucks is opening a store in China every 15 hours Starbucks uses China as a testing ground for its new website: What’s improved, what’s expected We tried Starbucks Roastery’s AR game, and this is what we think Hosts John Artman, @knowsnothing, TechNode Matthew Brennan, >@mbrennanchina ChinaChannel Podcast information iTunes RSS feed China Tech Talk.com Music: “Theme from Penguins on Parade” by Lee Rosevere, Music for Podcasts 3  

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