RSS is created using XML or eXtensible Markup Language, which is a markup language similar to HTML. All fields are defined. Tags are used to denote the field's classification. Like HTML, proper construction requires that tags are both opened and closed.

RSS feeds can be created using:

Text editor
Desktop software (ie Feedforall Software)

How to create RSS Feed to your website:

1.Name your RSS file. Notice that the file must have an .xml extension.

2.Validate your RSS file with a site named

3.Upload the RSS file to your web directory on your web server.

4.Copy the RSS button to your web directory.

5.Put the little orange "RSS" or "XML" button on the page where you will offer RSS to the world (eg on your home page). Then add a link to the button that links to the RSS file. The code will look something like this: anchor tag href = "" imgage tag src = " rss.png "width =" 36 "height =" 14 "Gif File anchor tag close.

6.Submit your RSS feed to the RSS Feed Directories (you can Google or Yahoo for "RSS Feed Directories"). The URL to your feed is not your home page, it is the URL to your feed, like "". Here are some free RSS aggregation services:

Syndic8: Over 509,430 feeds listed.

Daypop: Over 140,000 feeds.

Newsisfree: Over 18,000 feeds.

7.Register your feed with the major search engines:

8. Update your feed – Now you have gotten RSS feed buttons from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Now you must make sure that you update your content frequently and that your RSS feed is constantly available.

RSS feeds can be read with two different ways.
Desktop RSS feed reader or news aggregator (RssReader, FeedDemon etc.)
Web based RSS feed reader

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