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RSS Feeds Generator is a powerful RSS widget (RSS feeds widget) able to generate news RSS, articles RSS, images RSS and others types of RSS content.

Two kinds RSS content are available within the tool: keyword based and category based. In the first instance user takes a list of keywords, chooses type of output

(news RSS, articles RSS, images RSS), then content providers and on the final step presses the button to create RSS.

It is even more easier to make RSS with category based RSS feeds generator. First user chooses type of content he prefers (news RSS feeds, articles RSS feeds), then

content providers and finally selects any number of categories.

Using RSS Generator to create RSS is much easier than searching RSS directories manually. Speaking more, you can even yourself submit RSS feeds generated with this

powerful RSS widget to any RSS directories on your choice.

Follow the link to RSS Feeds Generator user manual to find out its options and features.

Pay attention to other RSS tools available together with this online RSS service: Affiliate RSS feeds generator (Amazon affiliate RSS feeds, ClickBank Affiliate RSS

feeds, eBay affiliate RSS feeds, RegNow affiliate RSS feeds); RSS feed posters (RSS to WordPress, RSS to Blogger RSS to Twitter); RSS URL shorten tool. Plus, powerful

RSS Feeds Converter and Datafeed to RSS Converter and cozy Templates Generator in order to easily create web templates.

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– RSS to Twitter Script
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– Automatic Wall Posts for Facebook
– Auto Post to LinkedIn
– Scheduled posts to Google+
– Short URL Service
– Free Custom Web Template Editor
– RSS to PHP / HTML / Javascript Code Converter

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