How to configure Sitecore to generate content specific RSS f…

This video shows how to configure sitecore to generate Rss feeds for a specific template after a totally virgin sitecore install.

1. Login to sitecore admin layout.

2. Start Content Editor.

3. Create a custom template which based on the “templatessystemFeedsRSS Feed” template.

4. Build new fields of the previously created custom template.

5. Set a custom icon to the new template.

6. Create items based on the previously created template under the content node.

7. Create a new item based on the “templatessystemFeedsRSS Feed” template under the content node. This will be represented the feed.

8. Set the fields of the RssFeed item.
Title: The title of the RSS channel.
Description: The description of the RSS channel.
Items: The parent node of the content items which we want to feed…

9. Publish the newly created templates and items.

10. Preview it.

11. Try to rich it via the finally url.