How to Create Rss Feed

RSS feeds can be created using XML. There three ways to create RSS feeds.
1. You can create the feed using software.
2. A text editor can be used if you are familiar with XML and HTML.
3. You can use instead the simplest way which is the use of an online tool for Feed Creation.

For example a feed like contains all the items related to the blog posts, news updates comments etc. It contains title, description and link. The title and description, gives an overview about the content, while the link refers to the actual page that contains the content.

First way is to create feeds with the help of recommended software like FeedForAll. It is the easiest tool that that you can use for creating feeds. FEEDFORALL helps publishers add, edit and publish their feeds.
You can also create an RSS feed with text editor. However, If you are not familiar with XML or HTML, then it is advised that you use readymade application.
Third, with these online feed creation tools you have no need to update the feed. You can find many types of websites according to your requirements. You can use for example online RSS feeds.
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